On Sundays we wear Top-Siders

There are few things as exhilarating as sailing the San Francisco Bay, especially with the spirit of the America's Cup lingering in a city still ripe with excitement after hosting one of the most thrilling and prestigious regattas around. 

The ocean has always been my happy place but it wasn't until the beginning of this year that I discovered just how much I love sailing. Gill became my Gucci and Sperry's began to outnumber my stilettos. Thus, in an effort to satisfy my new-found passion and nourish {what will be} a lifelong avocation, I joined a boat share with some good friends and since then have spent most days honing my skills and racing across the bay to get to Sam's in time for happy hour.

 Per tradition, peak sailing season was closed out by the Rolex Big Boat Series which drew us out on the water and beyond the Golden Gate Bridge to watch the races. Be sure to click on 'read more' to see all the photos captured on Sunday.

A sea of spinnakers
The conspicuous AC76

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